Third open access scientific publication now available

Sensors and control solutions for Smart-IoT façade modules

Author(s): Arnesano, Marco; Bueno, Bruno; Pracucci, Alessandro; Magnagni, Sara; Casadei, Oscar; Revel, Gian Marco

Measuring the operating conditions of buildings' components is generally applied to technical systems for improving the energy and environmental management, especially exploiting the IoT functions. However, the measuring and connectivity capabilities are not largely applied to the building envelope. [...] Given the importance of the façade as interface between indoor and outdoor environments, the possibility of having real-time data on the envelope operating conditions, is significant to improve the building operation, in terms of comfort and energy efficiency, enabling the adaptive or intelligent façade concept. To this aim, the RenoZEB project is developing a plug&play façade module for building renovation, with embedded sensors and actuators. The module with the sensing architecture is completely assembled off-site, reducing the amount of work to be done onsite.

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Original source: 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Measurements & Networking (M&N)


RenoZEB on EVO's Measurement & Verification Issue #5

Alex Rathmell, Managing Director for Consultancy at RenoZEB consortium partner EnergyPro, wrote the article "M&V for Deep Retrofit Projects in Europe", released few days ago on EVO's Measurement & Verification Issue #5.

"One project that is aiming to tackle a whole range of interrelated technical and market barriers is RenoZEB, running from 2017-21. The project is ambitious, aiming to unlock the nZEB renovation market by harnessing the anticipated uplift in property value renovated buildings will experience. This will be achieved through a new systemic approach to retrofitting, including innovative integrated façade components, processes and decision-making methodologies embedded in new software tools, and a BIM-based collaborative online environment to bring together all value-chain actors in the renovation process."

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Drivers of the energy transition: interview to Hardi Kolli (Rannaliiva)

Why do property owners decide to renovate?

In order to understand what are the drivers that motivate property owners to carry out renovation projects, our partner UIPI paid a visit to Hardi Kolli, a co-owner from the Apartment Owners Association “Rannaliiva”, in Võru (Estonia).

Rannaliiva building is one of the three EU funded RenoZEB project sites where its co-owners decided to carry out deep energy renovation works. 

Click here to read the full article on UIPI website, or here if you want to read it on BuildUP website. 


Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades on BuildUP

"Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades" is a free BIM software tool that has been developed as a free tool that connects the materiality of Focchi “plug and play” system with the virtuality of a BIM ecosystem, allowing to place and display Focchi Façade system in BIM models. The objective of the program is to obtain a list with the account and the size of each panel and to obtain a cost estimation of the installation which will allow the company Focchi to manufacture the necessary panels and the clients to imagine how this system is going to look like in their building and how much is going to cost. Facades panels are drawn in 3D and are part of the BIM model of the project.

Read the full article on BuildUP website.

Second open access scientific publication now available

Accelerating Energy Renovation Solution for Zero Energy Buildings and Neighbourhoods—The Experience of the RenoZEB Project


Buildings are the key factor to transform cities and to contribute to recent European energy efficiency objectives for 2030 and long-term 2050. New buildings account to only 1–2% annually.

Yet, ninety percent of the existing building stock in Europe was built before 1990, it is therefore necessary to promote their energy renovation to achieve the set objectives. Renovation solutions are available on the market, yet a wrong implementation and integration due to a lack of knowledge neither maximizes the energy performance of the post-retrofitting nor the financial optimisation and viability of the projects.

This paper presents research on a plug & play, modular, easy installable façade and ICT decision making technologies to provide affordable solutions in order to overcome those deep renovation barriers.

The paper sets out by defining a value framework that can be applied by real estate investors for making better retrofitting decisions for residential buildings, through mapping targeted building typologies and investigating new building revalorisation strategies, new renovation concepts and KPIs for evaluation.

Thereafter the paper presents the modular and easy-to-install façade system that is replicable and scalable at European level.


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RenoZEB article on Infobuldenergia

The University of Marche presented the RenoZEB project on Infobuildenergia, one of the main Italian web portal on sustainable architecture, energy efficience and renewable energy in building. Read more here.

Note: article only in Italian.

First open access scientific publication now available

A workflow for retrofitting façade systems for daylight, comfortable and energy efficient buildings

By Bruno Bueno and Fatma Özceylan

In the context of the H2020 RenoZEB project, this paper presents a workflow for the conceptual planning of façade systems as applied to building retrofitting. The proposed workflow consists of analysing the space from the point of view of the functions of its façade. In a first step, the analysis of the case study leads to the definition of the design requirements, i.e. the relevance of the different façade functions and their priorities. The second step involves the selection of a suitable fenestration system and control strategy for the retrofit solution. In this step, an optimization process for the control strategy is proposed based on state-of-the-art thermal and daylighting simulations. In a third step, the annual performance of the retrofit solution is evaluated in order to check if the requirements are fulfilled. The proposed workflow is illustrated with a case study, in which the automation strategy of a retrofitted façade system is optimized for two different applications: a residential and an office building in Bilbao (Spain).

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University of Salford on RenoZEB

Within its November issue of newsletter "So BE it" (School of the Building Environment Newsletter), the University of Salford has published an article about launching of the RenoZEB project.

Note: Article can be found on page 8.

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