Meet RenoZEB sister project ReCO2ST

ReCO2ST is an EU H2020 research program aiming to better building & living.

ReCO2ST addresses the challenges of nZEB refurbishment through a systemic 3 step approach. Initially a Refurbishment Assessment Tool (RAT) is deployed to create refurbishment scenarios, empowering the decision making of the building owner, public or private. Second, Action Plans for the renovation are formed through Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and finally a refurbishment package of innovative and customizable technologies is installed (Retrofit-Kit) for personalized renovation.The RAT aggregates results of cost, energy savings and life cycle assessment indicators for separate renovations actions and for renovation scenarios (combination of actions). A Least Cost method facilitates optimal performance for the right price with a personalized renovation developed quickly and accurately for each site under renovation.

The Retrofit Kit that has been developed comprises the following technologies: Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs); Smart window system; Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) panels; An innovative air handling unit (IAHU) system; Two new cool, paint and membrane materials; Nature Based Technologies to reduce particulate matter and VOC concentration and an Intelligent Energy Management System (IEMS) concept with a Graphical user Interface (GUI). Their integration into personalized refurbishment packages for four demonstration sites is being conducted and validated. The RAT platform and associated technologies are being demonstrated in four apartment block buildings (Spain, Switzerland, UK and Denmark) capturing climatic and construction variability across Europe.

A Business Model KIT has also been developed that addresses the whole renovation value chain including funding mechanisms and financing schemes. A test of the developed business model kit has been carried out at early adopter sites. ReCO2ST is also developing relevant training material for e-learning programs and an accreditation process on the use of the RAT platform.When the whole ReCO2ST approach is implemented in renovation projects, it is expected that the impact will be:

• At least 60% energy consumption savings in order to reach the target of near zero energy compared to the values before renovation, while enhancing indoor environmental quality;

• Decrease of installation time by at least 30% compared to typical renovation process for the building type. •Demonstration of a high replicability potential and of large market uptake capacity;

• Affordability considering all costs involved, with a payback period below 15 years.


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Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo