RenoZEB project partner RIINA organised a "Deep Renovation Workshop" last 5 October in Rome

On 5 October, in collaboration with the H2020 projects EENSULATE and ENVISION, RIINA organised a workshop on deep renovation, aiming to raise awareness on the most innovative building renovation and energy saving solutions and as well as to present and discuss altogether the main features of P2ENDURE e-Marketplace.

In fact, P2Endure stands for “Plug-and-Play product and process innovations for energy-efficient building deep renovation” and aims at developing an “e-Marketplace”, which is a platform designed to collect and filter information based on BIM models in order to support the buying, prefabrication and making processes related to building components for deep retrofitting

The workshop brought together stakeholders representing key decision makers and implementers in the field of deep renovation of buildings, along with retrofitting solutions users, and developers for an array of interactive poster sessions and discussions, and a unique hands-on showcase of innovative deep renovation of building solutions.

Contact information

Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo