RenoZEB results presented at UIPI Renovation Tour events to boost Renovation Wave

The European Commission has set the climate targets to reach a carbon neutral continent by 2050 through the European Green Deal and Renovation Wave Strategy, which further materialised this summer with a first package of legislative proposals: Fit for 55. The countdown to renovate buildings in Europe is accelerating and the RenoZEB project was conceived, amongst other goals, to boost the Renovation Wave and help property owners deep renovate by offering affordable and practical solutions. With the project now coming to an end, it was time to capitalise on the obtained results and present them to the market. To do this, the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) – a RenoZEB consortium member – launched a series of hybrid events UIPI Renovation Tour, that is meant to bring EU policies closer to citizens while presenting practical solutions (such as the RenoZEB Multifunctional Plug & Play façade) to engage property owners and condominium managers in going for deep renovations.

As to engage property owners across the EU to deep renovate and adopt existing market solutions, such as the ones developed under the scope of RenoZEB, it is crucial to first inform the population about the exist goals, policies and objectives so as to foster engagement in a cause that concerns all. UIPI believes there is no better way to raise awareness than to establish bridges between policy-makers and the citizens their policies affect; the UIPI Renovation Tour events have as primary goal to create the opportunity to do so in a locally relevant way, by presenting EU, national and local policies to property owners, condominium managers and other relevant stakeholders, and giving them the opportunity to discuss these, clarify doubts and provide valuable feedback that will help build a successful path towards a more sustainable future. With this is achieved, it is time to capitalise on the investments made by the EU in enabling tools for the sought transformations of the built-in environment foreseen in the Green Deal; and to present them to target players, in this case the ones investing in deep renovation in the private sector: private property owners.

Two events were organised so far: Hungarian Owners on Board, in Budapest (Hungary) on the 17 September 2021, and Walloon Owners on Board, in Liège (Belgium) on the 24 September 2021; and another two upcoming: Basque Owners on Board, in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao (Spain) on the 28 October 2021, and Greek Owners on Board, in Athens (Greece) in March 2022. More events of the series will follow as UIPI is engaged in acting all around the EU. The format is always the same: a morning session dedicated to awareness raising with policy presentations, a round-table with relevant stakeholders that comment on the explained policies and a public debate in which the audience participates; followed by an afternoon session in which practical examples, financial, assistance and technical tools are presented to help private property owners start and carry on their deep renovation journeys. Despite the same backbone, all events strive to adapt to the different contexts where they held by offering pertinent language options to follow and proposing a programme of locally relevant contents.


In case you have missed the events, check the presentations below:


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