Visit to the Rannaliiva building in Vöru, Estonia

During the project meeting in Tartu, partners had the possibility of visiting the demo building in Vöru, Estonia

The Rannaliiva building was built in the 80ies and host 16 dwellings in 2 floors, for an overall size living area of 1307 m2 (net area). The building retrofitting interventions during the RenoZEB Project will include:

- the refurbished of the building envelope (including façade and double-glazed windows);

- the installation of a RenoZEB low invasive ventilation system to provide heat recovery (minimum energy efficiency of 80%);

- the replacement of the heating system and the installation of a metering system to allow the efficient operation of energy consumption.

With the implementation of the designed retrofitting measures, it is expected a 60% reduction of energy consumption and primary energy respectively.

Contact information

Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo