Webinar 'Smart Buildings: meet EU Innovators'

On Thursday 17 June RenoZEB took part to the webinar 'Smart Buildings: meet EU Innovators', which gave the opportunity to meet other 8 EU-funded projects and discuss key innovations for construction.

For EU to become climate-neutral by 2050, buildings need to transform from passive isolated elements to energy-efficient and smart-grid ready buildings, able to act as active nodes well integrated to the energy grids and other infrastructures, while answering occupants needs.

As RenoZEB, several EU-funded projects are currently developing and testing solutions that will push further the smart readiness of buildings and their interactions with the environment. They address various topics such as the optimisation of energy consumption and (renewable) generation, the provision of flexibility services to the power network, improved wellbeing and new services to occupants, as well as new business opportunities and models.

Projects presented at the webinar:

The webinar was organised by the SmartBuilt4EU project, an EC-funded project that aims to support the innovation ecosystem in the smart building value chain through concrete networking and communication actions. 

In case you missed the webinar, you can watch the recording here (RenoZEB presentation starts at min. 21:11).


Original source: BUILDUP

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Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo