RenoZEB project timeline

February 2022
RenoZEB featured on the dotLAB Radio – RINNO project podcast

dotLAB Radio Host Patrick Haughey (Founder and MD of Audiobrand) had an insightful conversation with our coordinator Michele Vavallo (Solintel) on what the RenoZEB team has done to meet the targets mentioned above. Listen to the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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January 2022
RenoZEB project ended in January 2022
28 October 2021
RenoZEB at UIPI Renovation Tour / ES event

The 3rd (and last for RenoZEB) event of the UIPI ‘Renovation Tour’ took place in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) on 28 October 2021. Read the full report here.

October 2021

And it's a wrap! The final video of the RenoZEB project is finally out on our YouTube channel, watch it now at

28 September – 1 October 2021
RenoZEB at Sustainable Places 2021

RenoZEB project took part in two exciting sessions at the Sustainable Places 2021 hybrid event, the “Innovative Solutions Towards Building Renovations” virtual workshop and the “Renovation Cases and Tools” paper session. Watch the recordings here.

29 September 2021
RenoZEB at UIPI Renovation Tour / BE event

On 29 September 2021, RenoZEB was presented at the 2nd event of the UIPI ‘Renovation Tour’. It was a physical event held in Liege (Belgium) bringing together the Wallonn property owners. Read the full report here.

17 September 2021
RenoZEB at UIPI Renovation Tour / HU event

On 17 September 2021, RenoZEB partner UIPI kicked-off the ‘Renovation Tour’, a series of hybrid events to bring EU policies closer to citizens while presenting practical solutions such as the RenoZEB Multifunctional Plug & Play façade. The first event took place in Budapest (Hungary). Read the full report here.

10 September 2021
Spain Training Days

During the National training in Spain, the RenoZEB partners presented the modular façade installed at the Durango demonstration site. The digital tools were also presented and demonstrated. Read more here.

August 2021
Brand new plates arrived at the demonstration buildings

After completing the building renovation, our brand new plate arrived safe and sound at the RenoZEB demonstration buildings in Võru - Estonia and Durango - Spain. Photos here

13 - 16 July 2021
Estonia Training Days

Estonia Training Days

During a 2-day event, the RenoZEB partners presented the newly developed facade system, including its construction and implementation aspects at the RenoZEB Demonstration Building in Võru (Estonia), as well as the digital tools facilitating the decision-making and the design of the façade itself. More info here.

April 2021
News from the RenoZEB Estonian demonstration building

The renovation of the multi-apartment demo building in Võru (Estonia) is nearing completion. The goal is to raise the energy label from the existing energy label “E” (231 kWh/m2 a) to label “B” (124 kWh/m2 a) - which is now a reached target. Read more here

March 2021
RenoZEB featured on the ACE podcast

The ACE podcast 'Architects in EU research' is a series of interviews with several architects who share with us their professional journey in the architectural world and how they got involved in EU-funded Projects on innovation and education. One episode of the podcast is dedicated to RenoZEB. Listen to it at this link.

27 - 30 October 2020
RenoZEB at Sustainable Places 2020

RenoZEB project participated in three exciting sessions at Sustainable Places 2020 on-line event held between the 27th and the 30th of October.

  • ‘Digitalisation Tools for Energy-Efficient Renovation’: Agenda / Recording
  • ‘Innovative Solutions Supporting the NZEB renovation’: Agenda / Recording
  • ‘Deep renovation Joint Workshop 2.0’: Agenda / Recording
7 October 2020
RenoZEB 'Training the trainers' session

RenoZEB project organised a Training Day for architects and CPD trainers about the new tools developed in the project for energy calculation, efficiency and optimisation of renovated buildings. This event provided architects from all over Europe with deep knowledge about the newest procedures and strategies for guaranteeing the implementation of key eco-friendly measures in the design process.

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June 2020
UIPI Coffee Talk: Can the industrialisation process make building renovation more efficient?

UIPI organised an online talk about industrialisation as a solution towards a more efficient construction, housing and real estate sectors. 

Event agenda and information

Watch Michele Vavallo's presentation and the stakeholders discussion on our YouTube channel

February 2020
Pre-validation of the RenoZEB modular façade in the KUBIK test Infrastructure (Bilbao, Spain)

The pre-validation phase of the façade elements has been realised in KUBIK, the test-infrastructure managed by TECNALIA Research & Innovation in Bilbao, Spain. KUBIK is the first digital twin of a building in Spain. Static and dynamic information obtained automatically and based on BIM models enables performance assessments of innovative products and technologies. Read more here.

February 2020

The RenoZEB project was selected to be introduced during the 7th Technology and Business Networking Event organized in the frame of the CERAMICA INNOVA – CEVISAMA Fair, in Valencia (Spain) on 6 February 2020. Read more 

December 2019
RenoZEB at the Cluster International Conference

The event “Cluster International Conference”, organised by Bologna University - Department of Architecture, took place on 16 December 2019 in Bologna (Italy). The focus was on the state of scientific research in Europe regarding building energy efficiency and related issues. The interactive discussion was organised around the following five main topics:

  • Smart Façade
  • Industrial processes for the deep renovation of buildings
  • Construction processes and technology building blocks
  • Renewable energy and HVAC systems
  • Smart grid
December 2019
RenoZEB YouTube channel is online!

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November 2019
More panels prototyped and tested by Focchi

In the activities related to the RenoZEB envelope prototype testing and validation, Focchi team has prototyped and tested further facade panels.

Two tests have already been conducted with positive results:

1) an acoustic mock-up test (on the left) under UNI EN ISO 16283-3:2016/EC 1-2016/EC 2-2016 and UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013 (IN-OUT test) with an acoustic insulation performance moved from 46dB of the only building envelope to 57dB after the installation of the RenoZEB panels;

2) a performance mock-up test (on the right) under UNI EN 13830:2005 passing positively the tests and achieving the standard for CE certification.

In the next weeks, a further test under EN 13823 (classification SBI) will be conducted to understand the reaction to fire of the RenoZEB panel.

18 September 2019
RenoZEB at the Stunning Final Conference

RenoZEB was presented, among other 14 EU-funded projects, by the coordinator Michele Vavallo at the Stunning Final Conference. The event was held at CSTB - Paris.

If you want to know more about Stunning H2020 EU-project, you can visit the official website here

18 July 2019
RenoZEB 2nd open access publication is released

Read the full article here

18 June 2019
EUSEW Policy conference: Scaling-up deep energy retrofit markets towards 2030 targets

The session will bring together experiences from seven Horizon 2020 projects on energy renovation of buildings sector and facilitate a discussion that enables the creation of synergies and possibilities to cooperate and share valuable knowledge.

Programme & speakers:


5-7 June 2019
RenoZEB presented at the Sustainable Places conference in the "RENOVATION STRATEGIES" session
14 May 2019
RenoZEB featured in the EeB PPP Project Review 2019

This yearly publication presents the progress of a portfolio of 174 European research projects aiming at developing new technologies for energy efficient buildings. 110 projects have been co-funded within the EeB PPP under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) from 2010 to 2013 and 64 projects under the Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020) between 2014 and 2018.


Download the EeB PPP Project Review here

16 April 2019
Project meeting in Rimini (Italy)

The modular Plug & Play Façade by Focchi was presented to the rest of the consortium.

Find more details at this page

24 October 2018
Visit to the Laubideta No.6 building in Durango, Spain
11 April 2018
Visit to the Rannaliiva building in Vöru, Estonia

During the project meeting in Tartu, partners had the possibility of visiting the demo building in Vöru, Estonia. The Rannaliiva building was built in the 80ies and host 16 dwellings in 2 floors, for an overall size living area of 1307 m2 (net area).

11-12 April 2018
Project meeting in Estonia

The project meting took place in Tartu, Estonia to see one of the real demonstration buildings, which will be renovated with the RenoZEB technologies.

18-19 October 2017
Kick-off meeting in Brussels

During the kick-off meeting the 19 project partners with interdisciplinary profiles and experiences reiterated their commitment to work together on achieving RenoZEB’s objectives for the duration of the project, i.e. 42 months.

1 October 2017
Start of the project

On 1 October 2017, RenoZEB, a new EU funded project under Horizon 2020, started. RenoZEB aims to unlock the nearly-zero energy building (nZEB) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic approach to retrofitting.


Contact information

Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo