Plug & Play Façade

The main technology of the project will be the modular Plug & Play Façade, which plays a pivotal and technology integrator role in the RenoZEB concept. It has a high potential of introducing new insulation and Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)  technologies into a large-scale renovation market with a significant revalorization of the property. The modular prefabricated unit will have the potential to integrate a significant range of insulation materials, the capability of coupling and connection with different HVAC technologies and energy distribution systems to each other and with solar RES (renewable energy sources). It will analyse the best physical integrate-ability of controlling and monitoring systems that fulfil the requirements of monitoring models, considering robustness, reliability and time in the response.

Additionally a monitoring and human-centric automatic control tool will be designed to be integrated in the collaborative environment. The following steps will be undertaken:

  • To design and appropriately configure building demand flexibility models and customise an innovative occupants’ profiling mechanism for the provision of context-aware flexibility models.
  • To provide appropriate tools for analysing the flexibility of energy demand (loads) and their capabilities to contribute in the Human-Centric Optimization of the building’s energy performance.
  • To define and document the detailed specifications for RenoZEB Building Performance Monitoring and Assessment model.
  • To setup a human-centric control and automation framework enabling performance improvement during actual operation of the building and applying appropriate corrective automated control actions over main building loads and façade energy systems in a human-centric manner that respects both occupants’ comfort and indoor environment quality.

Modular panels by FOCCHI



Performance mock-up test

Modular panels installed in Durango demonstration building



Modular panels installed in Võru demonstration building


Contact information

Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo