Demonstration buildings

Võru - EstoniaRannaliiva built in late '80s
Durango - SpainLaubideta 6 built in 1965
Bilbao - SpainKUBIK - full-scale R&D test facility
Rannaliiva in Võru

Project name: Rannaliiva

Location: Võru/Estonia, Liiva 26a

Owner: Apartment association “Rannaliiva”

Built in: late '80s

Construction characteristics

Facade/external wall
(U value [W/m2.K])
Clay brick and light blocks. U=0,8 W/m2.K
Roof (U value [W/m2.K])Stainless roof (Insulated), U=0,8 W/m2.K
Windows (U value [W/m2.K] and g-value)Double-glazing with wooden frame, U= 2,5W/m2.K
External shading device typePlaster, plasterboard, wood (up to owner)

Heating ventilating and Cooling facilities

Energy Performance: 270 kWh/m2.year Energy for heating and domestic hot water (DHW)

Type of ventilation: Ventilation is natural ventilation. An exhaust done by ventilation tubes, no mechanical ventilation system used. Natural infiltration, thus heat losses on are huge and the air quality is poor.

Laubideta 6 in Durango

Project name: Laubideta 6

Location: Durango/Spain, Laubideta No. 6

Owner: property of the municipality of Durango

Built in: 1965

General information of the building

It is a building with a rectangular floor plan, measuring 22 m x 9 m and 12 m in height, with four floors, a ground floor for communal use and three floors for residential use. At present and after several refurbishments carried out both inside and in the common parts, the building has seven apartments. Moreover the building has the necessary accessibility through a renovation carried out in 2008, when an exterior lift was installed on the east façade.

The façades have an exterior finish of two types: natural stone combined with brick. The exterior woodwork is made of wood. The structure is formed by beams, pillars and concrete slabs.

The plant distribution is as follows: On the first and third floor there are two dwellings per floor and on the second floor there are three dwellings. A renovation was carried out in 2005.

KUBIK in Bilbao

Project name: KUBIK

Location: Bilbao/Spain

Owner: project partner Tecnalia

General information of the building

KUBIK is a full-scale R&D test facility at the headquarter of project partner Tecnalia in Bilbao, Spain. KUBIK has the experimental capabilities to reproduce the conditions of use as realistically as possible, allowing validation of products and systems in conditions close to those of service (realistic scenarios). 

Additionally KUBIK offers a flexible infrastructure able to build realistic scenarios with different building components and systems, with the ability to assemble and disassemble them. This permits not only in service performance assessment, but also helps to develop and to evaluate assembly and erection procedures.

Contact information

Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo