Project name: KUBIK 

Location: Bilbao/Spain 

Owner: project partner Tecnalia 

General information on the building

KUBIK is a full-scale R&D test facility at the headquarter of project partner Tecnalia in Bilbao, Spain. KUBIK has the experimental capabilities to reproduce the conditions of use as realistically as possible, allowing validation of products and systems in conditions close to those of service (realistic scenarios). Additionally KUBIK offers a flexible infrastructure able to build realistic scenarios with different building components and systems, with the ability to assemble and disassemble them. This permits not only in service performance assessment, but also helps to develop and to evaluate assembly and erection procedures.

The potential of this test building is to mobilise the industry towards more innovative and added value businesses in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and urban areas. Moreover KUBIK can ensure the confidentiality of the results obtained in the development of each project.

It is important to note the contribution of KUBIK for the activities related to the new product development for buildings. Currently, the technical development of a product begins with the numerical analysis and simulation of the product, carried out in a virtual scenario. The product is then tested in a laboratory in accordance with standardized procedures, and is finally launched on the market. KUBIK allows the validation of products or systems in conditions close to those of service. This speeds up the product development and reduces the risk of malfunction of highly innovative products or products without previous experiences on the market place. The experimentally obtained results enable diagnoses and proposals for potential product improvements to be made.


Check the KUBIK progress made so far on our YouTube channel.

Other demo cases

Vöru - EstoniaRanniliiva built in late 80`s
Durango - SpainLaubideta 6 built in 1965

Contact information

Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo