Replication in virtual demo buildings

We would like to find out whether the RenoZEB solutions can be applied to different markets, climates, buildings etc., basically whether we could replicate them throughout Europe and beyond. For this we will use three virtual demonstration buildings in Bulgaria, Greece and Italy.

As a first step, a common analysis framework with a set of criteria will be developed to test the replicability of the solution on the virtual demo buildings. The monitoring plan and economic analysis performed for the real buildings will be reproduced for virtual demos in order to evaluate the consistency of the results. In this case, the monitoring systems will consist of virtual meters and sensors conveniently included in the models of the virtual buildings.


The Bulgarian virtual demonstration building

The building located in Ravda is a residential building from the 80's with a net living floor area about 1,300 m2. This will constitute an ideal approach to test and confirm the feasibility of applying the methodology and solutions in an additional residential building situated in a different climatic zone/ geographical area.



The Greek virtual demonstration building

The office building (with several work spaces and meeting rooms) is located in the northern suburbs of Athens and is a listed building. The 4-story building with a usable area of 954 square meters was built progressively, starting from the early 80’s while adding an additional floor in 1990. A brick wall construction was followed for the building envelope with low emissive glazing windows for the exterior. The envelope’s U-Value is 2.5 W/m2K. This will constitute an ideal approach to test and confirm the feasibility of applying the methodology and solution on a building with a use that is not residential.



The Italian virtual demonstration building

Le Due Torri Shopping Centre is situated in the municipality of Stezzano, next to the Dalmine toll gate on the A4 Turin – Venice motorway. It was opened on 14 April 2010. With a gross floor area of 42 000 sqm, two retail levels, 2 400 total car spaces and 6,500,0000 of visitors per year. The retail center house 100 retail tenants, with 20 of them in franchising including food services, entertainment and additional services such as: dentist, gym, smart clinic center for blood tests and bank services. 

The building is also equipped by the following IT services: audio systems, counting equipment for both, people and parking, caretaker and security guard, and a building management system, which is able to control all the HVAC of the building.

The envelope is mainly composed by four different façade systems: ventilated, glazed, aluminum and ETICS system façade. The envelope possesses a high energy performance with an average U-value of the external wall of 0.22 W/m2K, and 0.25 W/m2K for the roof. The HVAC system is composed by three groundwater reversible heat pumps with heat recovery and high coefficient of performance.  The full air system provides heating, cooling and fresh air changes along the mall. Each internal tenant is supplied by heated and cooled water and can regulate and control, separately, temperature and air velocity inside the spaces. The BMS system is associated also to the CO2 sensors and does not allow, by means an automatic external damper control, to the CO2 concentration to rise over 800 ppm.

“Le Due Torri” is already certified under BREEAM New Construction and BREEAM IN USE rating systems. The ratings for classification are respectively “Good” for the New Construction protocols and “Excellent” for the “In Use” certification.

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