In RenoZEB tools section you can:

-download the tools developed during the project;

-subscribe online training at Udemy platform;

-or simply watch the video tutorials on YouTube.



   IFC Builder


Software designed to create and maintain BIM building models in IFC format

Download here

Brief tutorial on Youtube 

Training course on Udemy





Software designed to perform energy simulation of buildings with EnergyPlus™ integrated

Download here

Brief tutorial on Youtube

Training course on Udemy





Software for energy audits and analysis of improvement measures in buildings

Download here

Brief tutorial on Youtube

Training course on Udemy (coming soon)



   OPEN BIM RenoZEB                     Focchi Facades


Software designed to facilitate the configuration of Focchi facades in building renovation projects

Download here

Brief tutorial on Youtube (coming soon)

Training course on Udemy



    Knowledge Base Engine           Tool


The RenoZEB Knowledge Base Engine tool is a centralized repository where information is stored, organized, and then shared. The Tool is a service that:
i. Stores EU-wide Climate data and Building level Energy Performance data from multiple sources,
ii. Processes and refines the abovementioned data geo-spatially,
iii. Generates and shares knowledge regarding property’s location-specific energy requirements and a local comparison with other dwellings in the area as well as a rough estimation of property value increase in return for an energy upgrade.




Contact information

Project coordinator:

Solintel, Spain
Michele Vavallo